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Agile Writers helps beginning writers create their first-draft novel, memoir, or screenplay. We're guided by the writings of the following great minds:

• Joseph Campbell (“The Hero With A Thousand Faces”)
• Christopher Vogler (“The Writer’s Journey”)
• Michael Hauge (“Writing Screenplays That Sell”)
• Allison & Goethals (“Heroes – What They Do & Why We Need Them”)

Agile Writers aims to go beyond just producing works in 6 months. We desire to under­stand and doc­u­ment what it takes to cre­ate a “great story.” We've created a process that we want to share with oth­ers and repeat. We want to know whether we've written will be a sat­is­fy­ing story for the reader.

We've studied the works of Joseph Campbell, Christopher Vogler, and Michael Hauge for years. These are peo­ple who clearly laid out what a “great story” is. Campbell iden­ti­fied the ori­gins of story in mythol­ogy and arche­types that flow throw all cul­tures across time. Vogler dis­tilled Campbell’s work into one vol­ume that clearly defines the pat­tern of a great story. And Hauge broke the story into its com­po­nent parts, laid out these stages and where they must occur to keep a reader’s interest.

We've created a process that is dynamic, mal­leable, and cus­tomiz­able for any genre of work. We turned to the concept of Agile Software Methodology for guid­ance. It uses col­lab­o­ra­tion to break a large project into smaller, easily-accomplished goals. From these con­cepts came the name for the group: Agile Writers.

We have regular meetings for novelists, screenwriters, and memoirists. And we have workshops, classes, and intensives to get new writers started right away.

Come Join Us!

Greg Smith
Agile Writers Founder 2011

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