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We offer the independent writer an alternative to the traditional publishing system. They want to tell you that you have to be special to write a novel. We're here tell you the truth:


Join us and write your first draft in 6 months. Dozens of people have already done it - another dozen have been published.


Agile Writers: Your Alternative to Traditional.

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"You don’t have to be a great gram­mar­ian or great speller to write your story. You don’t have to have con­nec­tions in the writ­ing world. What you need is a pas­sion for your story and a plan to com­plete. You bring the pas­sion, we’ll bring the plan."

-Greg Smith (2011)
Founder Agile Writers
Creator of the Agile Writer Method

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Who is Greg Smith?

Greg Smith is a writing coach, editor, and publisher. He founded the Agile Writer Workshop in 2011 with the mission of finding a method to help beginning writers complete a first-draft in 6 months. The Agile Writer Method is based upon the writings of experts in mythology, screenwriting, psychology, and a little project management. He also co-authored the Reel Heroes series; books on heroes in the movies.

His seminars on the Agile Writer Method have informed and delighted thousands of writers, scholars, and university students. Since 2011, Agile Writer authors have completed dozens of first draft novels and 10 published novels. Greg is a developmental editor for novelists and memoirists. He also coaches authors through the self-publishing maze. Greg runs the popular Agile Readers Book Club where new writers can get a 'beta' read from a dozen or more readers. Greg can be reached at and

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