Agile Writers of Richmond

Greg Smith founded Agile Writers in 2011 with the mission of utilizing a new approach to helping beginning writers complete a first-draft novel in 6 months. The Agile Writer Method is based upon the writings of experts in mythology, screenwriting, and psychology. He also co-authored Reel Heroes: Volume 1; a book on heroes in the movies.

His seminars on the Agile Writer Method have informed and delighted hundreds of writers, scholars, and university students. Since 2011, Agile Writer authors have completed dozens of first draft novels, 8 published novels, and two members have been nominated for the coveted James River Writer Best Unpublished Novel Contest.

Rishonda Anthony is our resident facilitator. Each week she prepares an agenda which includes progress, upcoming events, upcoming contests, Agile Writer news and seminars. Then she leads us in a discussion of some element of the craft of writing. Finally, someone from the group will present a book teaser.

We are very fortunate to have Denise Woods as our Creative Advisor. She received a BFA degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1994. Her paintings are mostly watercolor or acrylic with details rendered in marker. 

She is currently writing her first novel: Tree Dragon, a young-adult fantasy depicting the adventures of a teenage girl who finds herself whisked away to another world when her favorite tree turns into a dragon.

Tisha Johnson is our resident blogger. She brings her talents to our WordPress site. A couple days a month Tisha will update our site with news about Agile Writers. Tune in regularly to learn more.

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