Agile Writers of Richmond

Our Meetings

Open Meeting - Storyboarding and Critique

Thursdays, 7pm-9pm pm, Weekly (Publix @ John Rolfe Pkwy)

We welcome new­com­ers! Each week we go once around the table to catch up on our progress. Then we do some craft of writing exercise (debate about craft, elevator pitches, book samples, and more).

The sec­ond half of the meet­ing is split between those who are in the plan­ning phase (Sto­ry­boar­ing) and those writ­ing man­u­script pages (Critiquers).

Beginning writers start by breaking their story down into 8 stages. Each stage has a specific purpose in the story. This is the Storyboard: a structured outline of the plot of the story. Each stage represents 30 pages in the novel. Storyboarders spend 4-6 weeks plan­ning their book using the Agile Writer Method.

Storyboarders grad­u­ate to their individual cri­tique groups. Critiquers are bro­ken into groups of 3 writ­ers each. They have the same cri­tique part­ners for the dura­tion of their books. We find this arrange­ment instills moti­va­tion and accountability .

Orientation Seminars

(Twice a month at local libraries)

The Agile Writer Method takes a little explaining. We hold a 2-hour orientation twice a month to get you started. You'll also receive a "Next Steps" kit and a copy of Greg's book "Agile Writer: Method."

To learn more, visit our Meetup site at where you'll find a calendar of upcoming meetings and the time and location of the next Agile Writer Seminar. Be sure to "Join" our Meetup so you'll get regular updates by email.

Agile Writer Conference

Annually - Last Saturday in January

Every January we invite 18 of the area's best writers to come to Richmond and present on topics that are important to the beginning writer.  There are three tracks: Getting Started (how to plan your story, characters, genre), Craft (dialog, narration, world building), and Publishing and Marketing (using Kindle and CreateSpace to get published, and social media to build an author's platform).
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